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Av. Clemente Díaz Ruiz

  This is one of the main access roads towards the city that has been integrally reformed in 2017; as well as the surface as also the undergrounding infrastructures. In addition to create a central boulevard to concede a foremost role to the pedestrian, multiple improvements have been carried out.

The first renovation phase of the avenue was the section between the Paseo Jesús Santos Rein and Calle Blanca Paloma streets, which results in 485 linear meters and a surface area 15,500 square meters.
All the supply networks were renewed, including new gas conduits, new separate reds for rainwater and for wastewater, water supply, electricity … Also, the car parking spaces were reorganized, maintaining the same number, as well as the installation of new light sources of energy saving lighting.

One of the most essential appearances of the project is the creation of a promenade in the middle of the boulevard, in which the new vegetation has a significant role. With this installation, which replaced the existing green dividers that obstructed the space visibility, it is intended to give the pedestrian the role he deserves, all without hindering the transit of vehicles.

The install of ecological waste collection islands and a special treatment with marble and cobblestones have emphasized the boulevard.

Source: www.orafuengirola.com

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  • Address: Av. Clemente Díaz Ruiz, 1, Fuengirola, Malaga, España
  • GPS: 36.5429782,-4.624303400000031

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