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Ayuntamiento y plaza de España

  Situated in a magnificent location next to the PARQUE DE ESPAÑA, the Town Hall with the Plaza de España square are an architectural ensemble of recent construction (2006), a design in line with the modernity of a city open to the world, a well organized building distributed over four floors where any administrative procedure can be made and with access to the departments of Public Safety, Finance, Urban Planning, Education, Markets, Festivities, Civic Participation, Personnel, New Technologies, Internal Matters, Consumer Affairs, Commerce and Health.

The architectural complex appears surrounded by the Plaza de España, a diaphanous surface and main character of cultural events of different local nature, as well as a leisure area and a game orientated complement of the Parque de España area.

The possibility to park in the underground provides easy access and great versatility to the building and its surroundings.

The Salon Real in Town Hall is noteworthy, a place where receptions and public events are held and where to enjoy various art works, including paintings representing the Spanish Monarchs and the Mayors that has had the city.

A distinctive note is the remarkable quote of Ortega y Gasset, which rises above the main entrance of the City Hall:

“One can only progress when they think big, We can only move forward when we look further on.”

Source: www.fuengirola.es

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