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Castillo Sohail

  The Sohail Castle is located beside the Fuengirola River mouth, on top of a small hill, a situation which makes it a privileged viewpoint of a wide coastline, dominated by the Sierra de Mijas and in which also is settled the municipality of Fuengirola.

Since ancient times its magnificent geographical position allowed the settlement by Punics and Romans on its slopes. During the Caliphate period (X and XI centuries) a first enclave of perhaps a watchtower was erected on the ruins of its settlements from which few archaeological and documentary data remain.

Later, in Century XII, the Almoravides raised a defensive enclosure of irregular ground plan, adapting it to the slopes of the terrain. In 1485 the castle was occupied by the christian army in full offensive against the Nasrid kingdom of Granada.

After works carried out in the Castle, it was recovered as a meeting place for the inhabitants with their history and also as a cultural setting. This recovery has been well received, as evidenced by the attendance to the events held at this monument by a huge amount of public, both locals and visitors; Among others, the Festival City of Fuengirola which has taken place for more than two decades and has become a reference of the Costa del Sol.

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  • Address: Autovía del Mediterráneo & N-340 & A-7 & Av. Mare Nostrum, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga, España
  • GPS: 36.52532910870067,-4.628763198852539
  • Phone: + 34 952 58 93 49

Other Information

  • Opening time: Castle will be closed to visits during the summer due to the celebration of music festivals and summer activities

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