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Finca Secretario

  This is an important roman archaeological site, a must-visit place that includes a fish salting factory (with a cutting plant, fish salting- and storage reservoirs), some furnaces and some baths. The chronology of the site is estimated between the first and fifth centuries AD, although its discovery is very recent (1987), due to the splitting of the Fuengirola variant as it passes through the Finca El Secretario area on the right bank of the Rio Pajares stream, between the Fuengirola-Malaga train route and Los Pacos district.

In this deposit have been found pieces of incalculable historical value, such as the Venus of Fuengirola, utensils of the agricultural society or its thermal baths.

In relation to the thermal baths, the excavations developed since 1991 have exposed a small thermal building (approximately 540 square meters), which excellent state of conservation makes it the most complete of those found in the province of Malaga up until now .

The access to the thermal baths was located at the northeast side of the building, less known because it is partially under the road. From a paved platform one could enter in a small vestibule richly decorated with paintings on the walls and a polychrome mosaic floor with geometric pattern. From there a courtyard led the bathers to the various rooms of the building.

On the north side of the patio one finds the apodyterium / dressing room. On the south side was situated the latrine and a small cold water pool. In the eastern part we find another pool. On the west side of the patio there was a heated area, made up of four rooms.


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